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How Do You Deal With Black Boot Moments?

by MD on May 3, 2011

What’s a “Black Boot Moment?”— It’s when you let your anxiety totally crush your self-confidence. It’s that moment in time where you stop thinking rationally and you start to panic about everything. It’s when you feel like you’re going to fail no matter what you do or how hard you try.

I’m really, really taking my time with reading Escape From Cubicle Nation. I dwell on every new point that resonates with me and I attempt to apply it somehow. This little gem of the black boot moment has really stuck with me. It stuck with me so much that I wanted to look at how you can crush black boot moments:

Prepare to fail.

I know that this is a pretty mediocre approach. The reality is that if you never fail you’re just not challenging yourself enough. If you expect to get laid at the end of every night you will fail. If you plan to impress everyone with every blog post you write, you will fail. Simply put, you should be prepared to fail. These failures will happen here and there. It’s just a part of life that keeps things interesting.

Think of the worst case scenario.

What if your date sucks? You move on and go on a date with someone else. No big deal. What if nobody reads your blog post? You work harder to promote your blog. What if nobody buys your product? You create a better product next time. When you actually sit down to think of the worst case scenario, you quickly realize that it’s not so bad. I mean things won’t always work out in your favor, but it’s not like a disaster will strike. My motto with all supposed disasters is I simply ask myself: will this even matter in six months from now? The answer is almost always NO.

Take the next small step.

When you feel like you’re having a panic attack and that your world is going to collapse you need to take a deep breath and take the next small step. There always is a logical next tiny move that you can make. This happens to me all of the time. I start to get really stressed out about something and I start to worry about the long road ahead of me. Thinking of the journey is pointless. You need to focus on the next small step.

Now I want to know, how do you guys deal with Black Boot Moments?

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