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New Income Sources to Consider Moving Forward

by MD on February 22, 2012

You come to Passive Income Now in hopes of finding new sources of income. You really want to find a way to put more money into your pocket. You want to find better ways to utilize your spare time. You want to either crush your debt or build up your savings in your 20s. That’s what this site is all about. Today I wanted to look into some new income sources that you need to get in on.

What are the new income sources that you should consider moving forward?


There’s just so many ways that you can make money with blogging. When I first got into the game in late-2008 I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard rumors that bloggers were making money. I didn’t know that this was true for a fact. Then one day I was offered $20 for a text link. I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe that someone would pay me money just to put a link on my blog. From there on I really diversified my income through blogging and blogging-related tasks.

The good news (for many of us) is that you don’t have to run your own blog to make money blogging. How can you make money through blogging-related income sources?

  • You can be a freelance writer.
  • You can be a virtual assistant for bloggers.
  • You can design blogs.
  • You can create blog designs.
  • You can install blogging plugins.

How will you start making money through blogging?

Personal training or anything fitness related.

I attend an MMA-related gym. I’ve noticed that with this whole UFC and MMA craze going on, there are many trainers for all of the different martial arts and forms of training out there. At my gym there are literally trainers working there for everything possible. I know this because I do my best to go to every class that the gym offers. There are trainers for Muay Thai, wrestling, BJJ, kettle bell swings, Yoga, extreme cardio, and the list goes on forever.

If you find yourself in the gym for long periods of time already, why not try to make some money? You can start off by asking at the front desk about what sort of certification you need to get hired as trainer. I took the personal trainer course a few years ago. I sadly realized that I wasn’t patient enough to deal with certain clients. You can end up becoming an amazing trainer.

Are you ready to start making money from your fitness life?


Are you good at anything? It was once explained to me that the best way to make money is to learn how to do something unique, become great at it, and then teach others how to do this. The best part is that you can get decent enough to be a tutor at anything. You just need to be a few steps ahead of the students. The other good news is that with enough practise you have a fair shot at becoming good at most tasks. This means that you have no excuses left. You can start tutoring and making money in the very near future. What are you waiting for?

Have you given these income sources a consideration in the past? Which strategy will you try to generate more income in the near future?

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