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Quick Small Business Tips

by MD on February 9, 2011

I recently took some time to look over The 4-Hour Workweek again. As I was looking through the sections that discuss getting your “muse” or income generating plan off the ground, I picked up some quality insights that I almost forgot about. Instead of just reading the points and getting motivated for 10 minutes, I figured that I would share the entrepreneurship tips with you guys.

Below are a few quick business tips for your small business as you attempt to grow it:

Don’t be the CEO/President.

It comes off as super minor league when you walk into the store and the only employee happens to be the President, CEO, and CFO. Running a small side business is no different. This is why I refuse to ever give myself the highest title within my own company or any other business that I may have in the future. As tempting as it may be for your ego, giving yourself the title of “President” can come off as totally lame.

Put up multiple contacts on the website.

This works wonders for strange reasons. The more employees in a company, the more major league it comes off as. I feel that advertises and other potential business partners want to speak with the person that’s responsible for a certain aspect of the business, as opposed to the president that’s busy with the vision and running the whole company.

Have the right equipment

Not only does having the right equipment improve productivity, but it will also show your customers that you are professional. A hand written receipt doesn’t look as professional as having a POS printer. Do your business a favour and invest in the right equipment.

Don’t put up your home address.

This one makes perfect sense. Think about it– how amateur does it look when a supposed business gives a home address? This is why I suggest obtaining a PO Box if you have to just to give your side business that extra boost of credibility.

Do you have any other quick small business tips that you can share? Are these quick tips useful or are they pretty much pointless to you?

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