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Everyone wants to make online fast, retire at age 40, and relax on the beach all day. Well if you are one of those people you might want to press the X button right about now. Passive Income Now is about creating a steady source of passive income together. The road to passive income requires active income. Many passive income ventures require you to have some money saved up.

Today I will share how you can make money online now.

This is not the article for those looking to become a millionaire by next summer. This is a perfect article for those that are tired of their 9-5 job and would like to make money online as a career. This article is also ideal for those of you that spend hours in front of a computer and would love to make an additional income. Since this blog is about earning a passive income, some of the ideas are passive.

1. Sell stuff on eBay if you want to make money online now.

Selling stuff on eBay is one of the oldest ways of making money online. You tired of something around the house? Have old collectibles you want to sell? Then eBay is the place where an online market is setup for you (the supplier) to sell a product to another user (the demander, I know the word doesn’t exist but I wanted to use supply & demand).

Of course the main setback of this way to make money online is that you have a limited amount of things you can sell. Yes there are the exceptions and people that sell random junk to make money. If you want to earn serious money on eBay you need to put some effort in. As Passive Income Now grows I will touch upon this topic in greater detail.

2. Make money online from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

This is an interesting source of online revenue. You get paid a set amount for every small task that you complete. Some would argue that this source of online income is very low. The benefit here is that you can be doing something else at the same time while you make some pocket change. I wouldn’t quit my job to work on Mechanical Turk full time but I would definitely consider it in my spare time. Trent of The Simple Dollar wrote about his experience with earning money from Mechanical Turk. Trent pretty much came to the conclusion that you will earn a minimum wage income from this service.

3. Write an eBook on a topic of expertise.

Pat from Smart Passive Income started working from home when he wrote & sold an e-book based on how to pass a certain architecture exam. Pat was passionate about a topic that lots of people were searching for. Pat then decided to spend hours of his free time on writing a study guide for this exam. A little bit of design help & SEO led to Pat having some very successful months (as you can see from his monthly income reports) with his online business. Only write an eBook on a topic that you honestly have a great wealth of knowledge in and a topic that is searched for by many. Not sure how well an eBook would do on the life & times of K-Fed.

4. Write freelance articles.

There are bloggers out there looking for solid freelance writers that can put together highly optimized articles for search engines. You can always start off by checking out the ProBlogger job board for potential writing gigs. If you don’t want to write articles for blogs you can always find work in your specific niche. A former co-worker of mine ended up writing articles for Mixed Martial Arts sites. Of course he had a background in the training for the sport and people wanted to know his opinion. No matter what your interests are, I’m sure someone out there wants to know your opinion.

5. Sell stock photos.

Of course you can’t just snap a few pictures and expect the online income to start flowing in. There are people out there that take photography extremely seriously and are able to earn a decent living from selling their photos. If you check out iStockPhoto you can see what the going rates for certain images are and if you have the talent to make money online from this source

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