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Do you feel that the best advice out there is hidden by those that hold it? Do experts share their best tips? Do you think that successful people are holding back their best advice?

I’ve been thinking about this lately. The whole idea of following in the path of successful people is very interesting. Why can’t we just emulate their actions? Why are some people successful and others are failures? We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Generally speaking, we all also have the same resources available to us. Some of us might start off with more money. Others have more energy. Few have more drive.

Today I wanted to look at three perceived experts on the internet and the tips that they share. Let’s look at three dudes that I follow on the internet:

Pat Flynn.

Pat shares everything on his blog Smart Passive Income, from strategies that have worked for him to his full monthly income report. His goal is to be completely transparent with everything and I believe that he does a phenomenal job with this. Pat even wrote about the conversion of this affiliate links the other day.

Pat shares everything with his readers. I’ve been following his blog ever since the beginning since we started around the same time. I’ve emailed him a few times to ask him some super-rookie questions and he was kind enough to respond with detailed responses. He also helped me out big time because my first eBook project that I released was a case study that I conducted with him. So YES I do believe that Pat shares his best tips with his readers and those that are interested.

Corbett Barr.

Corbett runs Think Traffic and the self-titled blog Corbett Barr. Corbett has many premium courses. He also offers a plethora of super-helpful stuff for free on his two blogs. He offers as much valuable content as possible on his blogs for his free readers. When you want to pick up a little more exclusive content, he promotes Traffic School and The Hustle Project.

I personally believe in paying for value. The premium courses will cost you a little bit more money. As a result of this price, you’re likely to take the content more seriously when you do pay for it. When you do consume the free and the premium material, you’re bound to receive the best advice that Corbett has to offer.

Ramit Sethi.

Ramit’s building an empire. Ramit started off by launching his ultra-popular blog I Will Teach You To Be Rich many years ago. He has done everything from release a best-selling book to public speaking to selling courses on how to make more money. Between his premium stuff and his free articles, I think that Ramit has shared a great deal of information with his readers.

I must admit that I consume as much of Ramit’s information as possible. I took his Earn1K course, bought his book, signed up for the newsletter, and check his blog frequently. Not only does he offer his best advice, he goes even further to speak with his friends and topic-experts on areas that he’s not too familiar with. You never know when his free content will blow your mind next. You also can’t go wrong with picking up his book or signing up for one of his courses.

Now that we looked at three specific examples, let’s dip deeper into the idea of experts sharing information and ideas with us.

Why do experts bother sharing such valuable tips for free?

To attract new readers and to keep older readers around. The winning formula seems to be to offer as much helpful free content as possible and to charge when material is viewed as being of higher value. I also feel that topic-experts share their tips with us for free to gain trust. Once we see results from free content, we can only imagine how helpful the paid stuff will be.

Why do some charge for content?

The obvious reason is to generate income. When you generate income from something you’re able to devote more time to it. Unless you live in a world of utopia, where everything is perfect, the reality is that you need to make money. I think it’s very ethical to make money by devoting yourself to products and material that you think will be super helpful to those consuming it. This is why experts need to charge for content sometimes.

Why don’t we use these tips?

It’s all about taking action. There really is enough information out on the internet to do anything that we could imagine.

You don’t believe me? Search for ways to pick up girls, how to build muscle, make more money, or save money. There’s a plethora of free resources on the internet. Some of it is really scammy. Some of it is highly valuable. The point is that there’s more that enough killer free content out there. We just need to filter out the BS and use what’s relevant to us.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of experts giving out free advice on the internet. The fundamental issue here is action. If you don’t take action, then it doesn’t matter how much information you have access to. It’s all about taking action on the right information.

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