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Are you searching for passive income sources online? Are you hoping to finally leverage the internet to your advantage?

Acquiring passive income in any venue is challenging. For some reason it seems that more and more folks (myself included) are trying to figure this out online.

We all want to create passive income. We especially want to find a way to magically make money off the net.

Is passive income online the way of the future? I think that it is. Why is passive income online the way of the future?

Work is highly scalable.

The thing with the work that you produce online is that it’s highly scalable. Meaning that you can really leverage a piece of work that you put a lot of effort into. When you write a blog post you can promote it to many different sources. When you create a digital product, you only have to put it together once. You then find a distribution source (like e-junkie) and have them deliver the product to your customers at a very low cost. This means that you only have to put the effort in initially for each of your passive income projects. Then you hope (aka PROMOTE) to try to generate some “passive” income.

Many ways to make money.

There’s so many ways that one can create passive income off the internet. What are some of these popular passive income opportunities online?

Creating digital products.
Setting up a niche site.
Promoting affiliates on your blog.
There are many new passive income sources emerging on a daily basis. Some are legit– others are well, a complete scam.

All of the get rich plans have gone cyber.

I haven’t been alive for that long, but I’m pretty damn sure that get rich schemes have been around forever. It seems like all of these con-artists have gone online. Almost every time that I surf the web, I find some dude laying on the beach promising me that I can make thousands of dollars a week doing nothing. Wow, really? NOPE. Passive income online is common online. Passive income scams are even more common.

I wanted to conclude by saying that I do understand that there are and will be many more passive income opportunities online

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