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Most people that are new to making money online want to get into productizing. That is selling their own unique products to their readers. This is an excellent strategy for monetizing a blog. It’s just not the best way to start off. At least from what I’ve discovered through my own personal experiences and from others.

As a new blogger you might not have the extensive reader base needed to move enough eBooks to sustain a full-time living. You also may have delusions of making fortunes off some eBook that will instantly sell thousands of copies. My solution to your online money making woes is to start freelancing first. Why do I think you should start freelancing right now? Below are my reasons…
Immediate income.

Starting a blog and productizing can be a very long and exhaustive process. Through freelancing (writing, design work, back-end work) you can start to earn money right off the bat. This is an immediate source of income coming your way. You won’t have to wait until months down the line. You can start earning money right away. This is money that you can later invest into your online ventures.

Save up money.
Your freelancing income will allow you to save up more money. You can start a separate savings account for when you decide to be an entrepreneur or you can beef up your emergency fund. The first little while where you start freelancing you’ll be able to save up money as opposed to spending money (as is the case in almost every new business).

Quick win.
The quick win of making money from freelancing can be enough to motivate you to pursue bigger and better things. It’s really easy to get discouraged and give up when your new blog hasn’t made the Adsense payout in the first 6 months. Through freelance work you give yourself a quick win and a psychological boost to keep on going.

Proof of possibilities.
Whenever someone tries to earn an income through an unconventional method (blogging, selling products) they will encounter many nay-sayers. You can get rid of most of these voices. However, you’re going to be accountable to those close to you. Your freelance income will show your spouse, parents, or friends that you’re getting into a venture that you’re serious about. Many possibilities will come your way and you’ll be shocked by what your new potential will become.

These are just my reasons for why I think you should start freelancing first. I’m sure that once you get started you’ll be able to think of your own.

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