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Imagine winning the lottery? Imagine all of the endless possibilities? If you win a few million bucks you can literally do anything that you’ve ever imagined doing. You can buy a new home. You can buy cars for your whole family. You can travel the world. You really wouldn’t have to work anymore. Your working life would be over. You would never have to worry about money ever again.

Sadly there’s a dark side to winning the lottery. I wrote about lottery winners that went broke in the past. The problem is that you go from poor to rich in such a short period of time. You get rich without putting in the effort or determination. You essentially skip the fun part. You miss the chase of money. You just instantly come into millions of dollars.

Would I still work if I won the lottery? Absolutely. I can’t imagine not working.

I would work on meaningful projects. I would find clever ways to invest some of my new fortune. I would attempt to give back to the community. I would create jobs. I would obviously party in a more extravagant manner. I wouldn’t just sit around though. I would definitely continue working.

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