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Should You Buy or Rent a Home in Your 20s?

by MD on June 21, 2011

Are you ready to move out? Are you thinking about buying a home? Are you debating between buying and renting?

Real Estate Decision eBook

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Why should you invest your money into this real estate guide? What’s in it for you?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it relates to the home ownership decision. I respect your individuality.

You’ll save at least thousands of dollars over the next few years by making the right decision.

You’ll make decisions that your friends are afraid of making.

You’ll have a much easier time making the most important decision in your 20s.

You’ll save hours of time by having all of this information in a quick pdf file.

You’ll make a decision based on YOUR own unique situation. Not what “experts” blindly tell you to do with your money. Your situation is going to change so often that at times you won’t know what it is. You will go from needing quick payday loans to having extra cash to invest.

This is a quick, straight to the point read. I kept it short on purpose. I want you guys to be able to read this. I want you to print this guide out and keep it close to you. Share it with your friends. Email it to your whole mailing list. I want to help as many people as possible.

What’s in this real estate decision manual?

A look at how your income situation affects your real estate decision.

The importance of your current and future salary.

What to consider before you buy your first property.

Why you should sometimes rent instead of owning a home.

Thoughts to guide you in the right direction.

Who should buy this guide?

  • Any young professional that’s looking to make a real estate decision in the near future.
  • Those that are stuck between owning and renting for the time being.
  • Young couples ready to make some big decisions.
  • Anyone frustrated with mainstream coverage of real estate. There’s no BS in here.

Who should not buy this?

  • Those that are not ready to move out yet.
  • If you’re not planning on making the owning/renting in the near future.
  • College students with massive amounts of debt.


What people are saying:

Martin Dasko’s manual, “Deciding If You Should Rent or Buy in your 20s” is an essential read for anyone that is contemplating purchasing a home. Don’t let the length fool you. This concise read is loaded with a plethora of information and possibilities to allow young inexperienced buyers make a confident and more informed decision. This book contains a diverse mélange of information. Dasko’s book logically weighs out the pros and cons of renting versus buying. By presenting obvious, but often overlooked questions Dasko sheds light options based on one’s financial situation, future goals, location, pre-approval amounts, contingency plans, additional costs etc. If you’re even remotely interested in purchasing a home this is a must read. Don’t take any more steps toward purchasing real estate until you’ve read this book. Worth every penny!

– Justin Sousa, U of T Graduate

While many college kids were blowing money wherever they could, Martin was concerned with being debt free and having solid retirement accounts. His guide on buying vs. renting after college is not only something you should read… it’s something you MUST read! Follow his advice with confidence.

– Matt Jabs, Debt Free Adventure.

Don’t make a decision to buy before checking out this guide. Martin has put together an excellent resource to help you think through the rent vs buy decision. There are many factors that come into play here, and Martin addresses them thoroughly in his guide.

– Phil Taylor, PT Money.

Martin covers a lot the “first time home buyer” questions in thisguide with no non-sense answers. He doesn’t sugarcoat how big of a decision buying a house can be, but instead addresses the tough topics like whether or not renting is “throwing money away”. He avoids focusing on simply the financial part of the decision to rent vs. buy and instead dives into some of the psychological barriers present in to choosing what to do. This book is a great resource for helping you talk through the decision of whether to purchase a home or rent one.

– Caleb W, long time reader.

Real Estate Decision eBook

If you’re ready to make this move then follow the link below or click on any of the pictures of the cover.

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What’s the price for all of this? $9.99.

Do I offer refunds? YES…Just email me within 30 days and I’ll shoot you a refund. No questions asked.

I really want every young professional to read this guide. I don’t want the price to be an issue. I also didn’t add any security features. Send this guide to as many of your friends as you want to. I just ask that you read it, share some feedback, and spread the word.


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