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So many people have heard great things about earning income online, but just don’t know where to begin. You’ve signed up for the newsletters and did the e-courses and you’re still either clueless or lazy. I’m not going to say they’re going to make you rich, because in some cases they won’t. However, any additional income is better than no additional income, especially if you have a savings goal or a goal to pay off your debt. So if you’re looking for a few extra bucks, here are 5 methods of online income you should’ve started yesterday:

Freelance services: We covered the reasons why I freelance already, and if you read it and you’re not doing it yet, I’m convinced that you’re being lazy. There are way too many benefits, one of them being the additional income. Even if you have a day job, you can offer freelance services on the side. You can freelance write like I do, lend a hand in social media management, be a virtual assistant, answer e-mails for someone else, etc. Make sure you fill out a 1099 if you’re making more than $600 from your freelance gigs.
Run ads on your blog: It’s a taboo subject but one that happens regardless of what people say. How do you think most of these bloggers are making income off their readers? If there’s a product or service you recommend, find out if they have an affiliate program and run their ad. People who click or sign up can get you additional income. There’s also one of the most passive ad systems around: Google AdSense.
Tweet your heart out: Sandy over at Yes, I Am Cheap wrote a blog post about how she’s getting paid upwards of $20 per tweet, and we were all so fascinated! If you’re a Twitter nerd and have some major Klout, this can be a nice way to earn passive income. You don’t have to be on Twitter all day either. Find a program to schedule your tweets like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or CoTweet.
Sell your stuff: You’re probably familiar with websites like eBay and Amazon for buying things for great prices, so why aren’t you selling your stuff there? Just when you think no one else wants those dreaded gifts you got from your aunt for Christmas, you find that you have a small fortune in your room collecting dust. Get rid of those Pokemon cards you have nice and neat in laminated sheets in your 3 inch binder. Purge your books you bought throughout your years in school. Put that money in your emergency fund.
Make an app: We are so obsessed with apps that there are several app stores with millions of applications in them. Whether for a smartphone or for the computer, people are constantly looking for entertaining and useful applications. If you have some technical background, you can create an app, submit it to the app store, and make some money that way. Come up with a cool calculator. Make the next Angry Birds. Maybe you have an idea that no one has thought of before. Even if you only charge $1 for your app, you can still make good money.
So now what’s your excuse? Maybe before you didn’t know what you could do but here’s 5 ideas right in front of you. Stop complaining that you need more money when you now have 5 opportunities to do so. What are you going to freelance? Know about sponsored tweets? Done some cleaning and have things to sell?

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