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As I’m traveling through Europe I’ve met some interesting characters. The beauty of a hostel is that you get to meet people from around the whole world. In other words you get wasted with new people and discuss completely random topics.

I got into a conversation with an American fellow who has been traveling for a few years now. He told me that he lost his job during the economic crash of late-2008 and that he was unable to find another job. This fellow decided to take advantage of his unemployment benefits to travel around the world. He figure that since there was no work available in his home town that he would take advantage of his time by doing some traveling.

Do you think that this dude is running away from the recession or simply taking advantage of an opportunity that came his way?
It’s an interesting time for 20-somethings right now. With the rise of lifestyle design and unique options, many of us are not in the workforce. The obvious question is: is it by choice or were many of us simple kicked out of the workforce? I would love to see what you guys think.

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