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Last week we talked about how to publish an eBook, a method of passive income. Now that you know what it takes to create an eBook, now you need to figure out how to publish it. If you’re choosing the digital version exclusively and not a paperback or hardcover book, you’d probably do best publishing the book yourself. It’s the most cost efficient way to get your work out to the public, earning you more money for sales as well. Keep these websites in mind for your self publishing needs:

is an all-inclusive resource for aspiring authors. It gives you the ability to not only publish eBooks but also physical books as well. You can produce your book with different binding options, edit your novel, create a stunning cover, publish, and market your story. For your eBook, all you have to do is upload your file, create a cover, describe your book, pick a price, and promote it. It’s that simple! You also have the option of getting an ISBN to track the sales of your books. As for revenues, Lulu lemon boasts that the author keeps 80% of their profits, and they have an awesome deal that you can keep 90% of the profits through January 31, 2012. You can publish your eBook for iBookstore and Barnes & Noble’s Nook platforms.

gives you a great do it yourself option for publishing your eBook for the masses, making it available for some of the hottest eReaders out, including Kobo, Nook, Sony eReader and Apple products. You can either earn 65% of your revenue from the major eBook storefronts or earn 85% if you sell your book on the Smashwords platform. Doted as the world’s largest eBook distributor, making your eBook is free on Smashwords, and gives you lots of support including a style guide and unlimited updates.

Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s answer to self publishing for their Kindle platform. Most likely the world’s largest eBook storefront, offering an array of titles to be read on the Kindle device or on free Kindle software for your computer or smartphone. With their 70% royalty program and the ability to publish in multiple languages and price in multiple currencies, Amazon has a great and free service for authors. If you already are selling a hard copy of your book, you can link your Kindle version to it. Readers also have the chance of “borrowing” your book through Amazon Kindle’s lending program, where they can rent your book for 14 days.

PubIt! is for those looking to publish for the Barnes & Noble Nook. Publishing with the world’s #1 bookseller is not a bad idea at all, and it’s just as easy as some of the other options. You upload your content, you format it, you price it, you sell it. The Nook is quickly becoming an awesome eReader competitor, offering a color version and a great price.

You can also choose to offer your eBook as a PDF, which is a supported format for many eReaders. This would be a much more do it yourself way, as you would format the book on your own in your word processer, include your cover, you’d have to purchase your own ISBN if you want one, consolidate everything in Adobe Acrobat, and do all of the marketing yourself, having people come to your website or push for affiliates to help you sell your book.

Have you written your book yet? Where would you like to see your eBook offered as far as eBook storefronts?

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