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Anyone that is currently a freelancer or has ever done any freelance work understands the importance of finding paying clients. Without paying clients there’s no business. If nobody pays you money for your services, you won’t be able to continue your freelancing work in the current field. This is why finding paying clients is highly critical as you look to branch off on your own.
One of my friends is a private guitar instructor. He has been playing the guitar for over a decade. He also studied classical guitar in college. Recently he has been on the pursuit for finding paying clients. The other day as we were talking I asked about how he finds paying clients. My friend shared three quick ways to find paying clients:
Online ads.

The power of the internet and social media is phenomenal. There are many ways you can advertise online. One of the newest methods is using Facebook to reach your target demographics. Another common strategy is Kijiji or any other online trading site like that. These simple online ads can go along way towards helping you find future clients. The most obvious benefit to using the internet to promote your services is that literally everyone is online these days. What are you waiting for?
Word of mouth.

If you do good things people will find out. This tiny blog received a mention from The Simple Dollar a few weeks ago. I find that we often underestimate the true worth of word of mouth. You never know who will be listening in and who’s paying attention to you. Word of mouth has done wonders for me with my blogging because usually all it takes is a little luck to get picked up by one of the big guys. The best way to take advantage of word of mouth is to always over-deliver on expectations. This way people can’t help but spread the word about you.

Community places.
Common community hang outs can really help you with reaching a more targeted audience. When I wanted to improve my golf game, I checked the board at the local golf club to see what the offers were like for private lessons. Advertising your services at the local community centre can help you land some local clients depending on your business offering

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